Traders mindset

After all these years making, losing making, losing making, losing making millions of Rs. I can tell you one thing. Trading is all about mental balance & without a trading plan and proper setup of trade ideas. You will never be able to protect your gains/ capital. #mondaythoughts You are going to make mistakes, you are going to do blunders you are going to fall into traps you are going to curse yourself you are going to blow your account you are going to feel miserable But you have to think above all these pessimistic thoughts, Trader is like Super Hero. If you don’t believe in yourself, markets are there to kill you. And needless to say the world around you will always say you can’t do it. Self-belief is a function of process if you are random at your trade selection, quantities, risk management. You will sooner or later fall into the self-sabotaging trap. Plan your trade, trade your plan. The current fall is so brutal that it can easily make you feel hero to zero and again hero. If there is volatility in your behavior that only means you are doing random things. You are answerable to yourself, but at the EOD your family is along with you. You cant be careless. Never compare your trading style, pnl, an outcome with anyone. Cause trading is a direct reflection of your real personality. When a trader makes millions in the day, he feels on top of the world and when he loses he goes at the bottom of the ocean. These emotions are enemies, and the only way one can manage them is by target / process-driven approach. Treat trading as a business, treat like any other job. You can expect more and you cant commit any less. Risk is again a function of personality and along the way, one gets appetite depending on how easy one makes money. There must be a method to this madness. You cant risk everything every time on each trade. You might make less but you will survive to see another day. There are bold traders and there are old traders. But there is none old bold trader. Even if you wanna make 1 ml USD in a year, break it into small targets. Along with the clear process. Markets open every day, and there will be always an opportunity. It’s easy to get carried away by seeing someone big M2M screenshot. But then you can always assume one thing no pain no gain. One may have taken the insane risk to make that big number. So showing off is good for em (me included) but please don’t start making stupid mistakes. I used to play Head and Tail in our Village when I was 5 years old and I used to bet 50 paisa and come home with 5 rs. And till this day that’s the memory I have preserved, of me shaping into a trader. It’s natural that I have the risk appetite, I am born that way. But when I started trading in markets with real money & as capital grew I realized that Risk is not linear. As capital grows your risk appetite must go down Cause there are more chances of you making mistakes on larger capital. I have blown capital so many times I know that by now I Just thought to write some random thoughts after what I call a rollercoaster ride. Mostly its for self-realization. One thing you can take for sure, Trading is Hardest Easy Money you will ever make. Someday maybe I will write a book if I manage to make 100 Cr Good Evening 🙂 And Yes last thing, associate with good friends #traders we are a rare breed. Keep a positive mindset, cause most Janta will curse and try to let you down. Adios

Traders mindset

14 thoughts on “Traders mindset

  1. Market making personality ….first….as it is mind game.. winning game …by using and trust on trading set up.., data reading ..and following rules and money management discipline..and after doing all these money will come….

    Thanks Sir for developing personality… demonstrating Risk mgt….and trading set up importance…and rules….

  2. As capital grows your risk appetite must go down Cause there are more chances of you making mistakes on larger capital.

    Thanks sir.

  3. Hi,
    I am an option buyer don’t dare to sell option as unlimited risk involved. Trade in index as well as stock option. Pls let me know which course of yours to subscribed. Till now i am losser and now unable to control my emotions.

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