Feedback from our workshop participants

Dear Vishvesh I think your lecture cum workshop deserves more and I should not take any discount and value your dedication and sincerity so transferred balanced of 9000. Ur very talented Kudos. Enthralling workshop Looking fwd to another day tomorrow. The workshop has encapsulated at least 5 books on option trading in two days. Super practical knowledge . Covered the complete spectrum with utmost clarity conciseness ease to understand. Great personality as well. Thanks & Regards Colonel Amit Dhingra
Vishvesh, Thank you for the wonderful workshop in Hyderabad. It was a delight to meet and learn from you. Without a doubt the best Options training in India.Looking forward to a lean more from you in future.
Vishvesh we missed biriyani, but it was great meeting you again and listening to you buddy. You were honest in what you want to pass on to the participants and your energy is contagious. Butterfly's and spreads will be there from now on in my account 🙂
Hello Vishvesh, good morning. I want to thank you for the workshop. It was extremely good and I would say it is the holy grail(all the things you taught us) for me. Before coming to the workshop, I had already read your moneycontrol article 6-7 times and understood only certain parts. I knew you have a very methodical approach to trading. After workshop, your perspective has given me the tools/framework for building strategies. Although I still need to learn how to apply them in real life. I also want to tell you that after this I will never attend any other workshop by anyone else. If I get any opportunity, I will come to learn from you again as I have found my teacher. I want to develop a fix set of trades and underlying stocks and master them. I will work and learn on these strategies and hopefully soon start thinking on my own. It’s very interesting space and with your guidance I will someday become an independent trader too Thank you so much for giving me the chance.
Mumbai Participant
Attended 2 days option workshop of @iamVishChauhan of @chaseAlpha_in quirky and exhaustive content. Learned news way of viewing data and creating appropriate option structure around it. A must attend for all serious option traders and aspirants The topic covered are really comprehensive and @iamVishChauhan has a high level of passion for the subject and his energy levels are way too high . my best wishes for his new venture @chaseAlpha_in 👍👍 Content is full of quality and covered every possible corner of options strategies ranging from directional to non directional to event trading to expiry trading to adjustments and what not great work @iamVishChauhan
I had a 0 knowledge of options but it was a vishvesh sir who taught me the basic of options, Greeks...i think no one should miss his workshop.... Very humble person and most important supportive.. Thank you sir 😊
Was a part of 2 day workshop conducted by @iamVishChauhan on options trading. I have been following him since last one year and one thing is for sure that vishvesh sir has great skills on data analysis. Simple and clear explanation on options strategies, greeks and foundation of options were covered in workshop. Threw lots of queries and all doubts were cleared. Huge thanks to @chaseAlpha_in and @iamVishChauhan.
It was an excellent, interesting and very absorbing class that even with disc herniation on L4 L5, and L5 S1 operated and relapse, I was sitting continuously with popped in medicines for 8 to 9 hrs ,(beyond imagination), so that I may not miss any important piece of information. Sir made it very informative, guided on what constituents of options, one should give importance to get success in option trading. I am trying to learn the protection part which is equally important to save hard earned corpus.Mr. Chauhan is highly knowledgeable, with strong grip on subject, and knows the art of making the subject discreetly interesting in relaxed atmosphere. Very capable to drive the class amicably with diverse personalities with knowledge at various levels.(a few like me were at starter level,some were proficient and some were there for refreshing knowledge).
Nalini Subir
Home Maker
Thanks Respected Sir. Your workshop clearly changed my thought process. Now I am trying to become system trader rather than everything supposed to be happens on its own. The best thing of workshop was at least we should not loose our wicket runs will automatically comes.
I found the workshop very helpful. Simple and clear explanations on option strategies, greeks and foundations of options were covered in workshop. Specially data analytics topic was great and well covered.
Trader and Investor
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