Success Story

He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.

Muhammad Ali

A famous quote by none other than great Ali.

And trust me this cannot be more appropriate in markets than anything else. I have been teaching #OptionsTrading only for the last 7 months and I had a privilege to meet some of the smartest and courageous traders across the country. And not everyone likes me. I am sure some of them hate me but that’s the story for some other day. Today I am extremely excited to share the success story of one of our participants. Extremely talented and yet not so social media savvy. And it’s my honor to have such an individual as my participant. I take lots of pride and its a matter of great for me that my all participants make money.

Two simple points:

  1. View on Underlying
  2. View on Volatility

I bet more or less entire #OptionsTrading can be sum-up in the above two statements. Today morning got a call from our star trader (with excited voice) I am holding huge qty of 26300 PE 12th March Expiry (Spot at 25200).

Out of curiosity, I asked how many qty and I jumped from the chair. But with a calm voice I said, the fair value of this PE should be at least 1300 Rs, and you have just made around 90 lacs. Just wait for the market to settle #BANKNIFTY is not going anywhere you hold on. And after a while quotes came in deep ITM PE and it was trading around 1200, and he said sir let me just book. And by the time he booked, it was whopping 63 lacs (Yes you read it right). We both jumped and celebrated each other’s success by respect and love. Later gentleman trader shared an emotional post in our group. With his due permission and with my extreme excitement, here I am sharing his screenshot. Thanks buddy for love, support, and respect. You made my day !!🤗😍🥰

“Sir why PE is trading only at 400 Rs??”

You made my day !!🤗😍🥰

In the end

“It’s Not Whether You Get Knocked Down, It’s Whether You Get Up.” Proved by our star trader

Success Story

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