Can you suggest a good book to me?

Almost every day I get at least 20 requests, Can you please suggest which books should I read. 

Now depending on experience and interest and trading style, people ask choices of books. And trust me it becomes one of the routine tasks for me until today morning I decided to pen it down on my blog. 

During our workshop, I recommend at least 40 books which have helped me shape my understanding of markets, made my better trade and more importantly helped me shaping as a better human. 

Books are not only around trading but also lifestyle, productivity, motivation and much more. On average I read two books a month since start of a career. And now it has almost become a habit. So here is an exhaustive list of books, hope you find this worth pinning on your desk. 


The first book that I recommend to anyone who would like to venture into financial markets and that too also trading, Reminiscence of Stock Operator. I have read 7 times and trust me this is one of the finest and most relatable books you would ever read. Every trader would be able to relate each and everything that Larry Livingston has said and felt. It’s like almost telling the story of your trading life. 100 years old book but till date everytime you would read you would find something new. 

Technical Analysis

Options Trading

If you are a beginner and just wondering where to start your options trading. Probably this is a good book to start. 

The moment you realized you want to understand technical terminologies in more detail, greeks and how it has an impact on your pay off. You can read these two books.

If you are looking to advance your options trading to the next level. Then these sets of books must be read, right from volatility trading to John Hull (one of the first book which I read on options during my MBA)

System Trading

Some of the books on system trading, which has helped me design a quantitative trading system. The subject is so vast and trust me I can write at least 10 blog posts on system trading but to begin with these sets books are good enough, to begin with.  

Market Wisdom books

I have grown up reading these books. Great inspiration if you are looking to make trading a career. Jack Schwager has done incredible job interviewing some of the world’s best trades. MUST-READ. 

Market Psychology

Trading is 70% about psychology and rest can be everything else right from chart setup to money management to everything else. Discipline plays a major role in trading success. In past I have struggled to remain focus and handle large swings, these books helped me to manage my emotional swings and eventually brought stability in my own trading. 

The list can go on and on, I have read so many books to arrive at what I am today. And today when people ask me what book to read I myself realize that it’s a long journey. Every book every peace of chart every quote has helped me shape my trading career. The above list is definitely one should before calling themself ready for professional trading. 

As they say, trading is the hardest easy money you will ever make. 

Can you suggest a good book to me?
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