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  • There are 60 major stock exchanges in the world with total market capitalization of 69 Trillion dollars.
  • There are 16 stock exchanges in the world with a market capitalization of more than $1 trillion.
  • The United States holds 41%, Asia holds 33% and Europe holds 20% of total world market capitalization.
  • Japan’s exchange group is the biggest exchange in Asia followed by the Shanghai stock exchange.
  • Bombay Stock Exchange(BSE) has a record of holding the maximum number of listed companies in the world.
  • Valued at $1.03 trillion, Microsoft leads the world’s corporations in market capitalization.
  • With a 19% market share, the technology sector leads the US stock market in market capitalization.
  • More than 80% of the stock market is now automated.
  • About 10% of US households hold international equity.
  • Established in 1602, the Amsterdam Stock Exchange was the first exchange in the world, founded by the Dutch East India Company.
  • Australia has had the best performing share market in the world from 1900 to 2009.

(Amsterdam Stock Exchange, Est 1602)

  • The New York Stock Exchange is considered to be the most traditional as traders cannot enter the floor of the exchange if they are not wearing a suit and tie.
  • New Zealand stock exchange is the first to open on Monday morning.
  • The most expensive stock on the NYSE is Berkshire Hathaway, $280k per share.
  • While you might think that London is a huge stock exchange center, the truth is that Shanghai is number two. The NYSE trades $1,520 billion of shares per month, while Shanghai trades $1,278 billion. The London Stock Exchange Group only trades $165 billion per month.
  • Ronald Wayne was the third co-founder of Apple, along with Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs. In 1976, he sold his 10% share of the company for $800. Today, his 10% would have been worth $35 billion.
  • The first company listed on the New York Stock Exchange was the Bank of New York, in 1792.
  • 55% of United States citizens own stocks, while in India it is only 3%.
  • The stock market usually performs the worst in September.
  • When the Indian cricket team loses, stock prices fall next trading day – a saying.

Author: Pranay Agarwal

Fun Facts | Global Markets

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  1. Really interesting facts and the most surprising fact to me is the share price for Berkshire, unbelievable and today’s change in the price is +4083 USD (1.44%) 😂

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