How was March 2020?

March 2020 is going to be the most memorable trading month in the history of #trading.


That’s 3 min March 2020 #Nifty

That’s 3 min March 2020 #BankNifty

Now on every #trader #investor and system designer would ask. What did you #system do in march 2020, did you survive. While #trend followers will show it off as a badge of honor. #options writers may have to hide their PNL. People like us will have a normal routine, #Neutral stance

For the next many months, 200 points a day for #Nifty would be a normal move. Cause we are now used to 1000 points a day. Every volatility #trader would get scared to short even at 60-70 IV cause what we saw on #BANKNIFTY IV of 240+ First time for me.

But then like 2008, this is going to be month or year. It may be great for someone and not so good for someone. The important thing is, were you able to survive.

As Matt Damon said in #rounders

To Win the Game you have to be in the game.

If you managed to protect your capital on windy days/months like #March2020. There will be enough opportunity to win the game.



How was March 2020?

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  1. Surely, very well summarized. The one who protected capital will be in game and will definitely write success story.

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