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What comes to your mind when you hear a word "Winning"?

Ever since we were little we all have been taught to give our best to WIN. Winning is the most important and probably the end goal of all the things we have been doing? But is that how it works in reality?

In real life, specially if you have been trading lately, the experience might not be so great. And just because we all are wired to win, we process this problem by trying to search that perfect recipe (in this case system or method) which can help us win this so called trading game.

The Search

And our search for that perfect system continues for life.

Handling the failure is more difficult and formally we have never been taught how to handle it without getting drawn in ocean of sorrow. What if someone tells you that search is never outside but lies within yourself. Winning is state of our mind, and as much we hate to say, trading is also more to do with emotional balance than anything else.

These days lot of techniques are available for free online and lot of people are committed to make you that available. But if it would have been that simple then things would have been different. Trading is a lonely job and at times when you are passing through your difficult trading phase and you get agnostic about your trading techniques, if you are surrounded by set of people with whom you may seek clarity than wouldn’t it be awesome.

We are trying to create community for set of like minded traders who are not limited to just 2 days of workshop. And in-fact the way we say Alpha Trader is not 2 days workshop but its 2 days of Classroom and 3 month of community learning.


Ever since start of human race, there have always been group of like minded people who come together in order to pursue common goal.

Alpha Trader Community

Slack brings all your communication together Teamwork in Slack happens in channels

A single place for messaging, tools and files – helping everyone save time and collaborate together.

  • Channels for every trading conversation
    • Neutral Strategies
    • Directional Strategies
    • Charts
    • Data Reading
    • Expiry Trading
    • Event Trading
    • Chit chat
    • Complaints
    • Announcements
  • You may opt to join relevant channels. 
  • Threads keep side conversations from derailing the topic or project at hand.

Search turns conversations into common knowledge

  • Search everything that’s been posted in channels or your messages. Learn the context of past decisions or see if someone’s already solved the problem at hand.
  • Even if you archive or leave a channel, its contents are searchable for future reference. Your conversations become common institutional knowledge.

Search everything that’s been posted in channels or your messages. Learn the context of past decisions or see if someone’s already solved the problem at hand.
Even if you archive or leave a channel, its contents are searchable for future reference. Your conversations become common institutional knowledge.

I personally hate all the conversation happening at one time in single window. And at the same time I can’t stand something which is not active. So whats the solution, in slack you can customise notification for things which you would like to get notified and you can keep the rest on silent mode to read when you get time.
A directional trader might not be interested in active conversations of neutral strategies, so he can keep neutral strategies on mute mode and keep notification on for directional trading ideas.

Not Just 2 Days Classroom workshop

Alpha Trader is not just two days classroom workshop but it is a 2 days classroom and 3 months of virtual training. Cause its very difficult to grasp all the complicated stuff in just two days. Post attending workshop you will have access to Alpha Trader channel for 3 months. Even after 3 months you will always be part of Alpha Traders community.

Alpha Traders Community

15 thoughts on “Alpha Traders Community

  1. If I have 25 lacs portfolio can I generate minimum 2% returns monthly i.e 50k from some fixed strategy I don’t know adjustments

  2. I want only 1% of my total capital per month after workshop is it possible and after workshop u will suggest stretergy or not

    1. Hello Gunjan,

      We cover whole gamut of market neutral strategies. And strongly believe that consistent 1-2% is something can be done without much active management.
      You will be part of AlphaTrader (Slack) community where we discuss and share ideas almost everyday.

  3. Hi Vishvesh and Team,
    Just wanted to know , about the basic requirements and eligibility for attending this workshop on “data reading and options trading” .
    I would like to come prepared and make full use of this workshop , to consistently earn profits via options trading strategies , hence I am asking this query . Does one need to know advanced mathematics/statistics/ programming/technical analysis/ intermediate level knowledge of options for attending this workshop?
    Thanks in advance….

    1. You may please get in touch on our official number 93729-59261. We would be very glad to explain you everything in detail.

  4. I want to learn trading strategies for weekly expires. And want to earn consisitant return. But my min balance is only Rs. 50k.

    Thanking you

  5. Vishves ji , Start your advisory service for options, it would b much helpful person like me who is busy in own work/job. Not able to give enough time for research and statergy.

  6. Hi vishvesh sir JAI HIND I m a defence personnel I m a big fan of u .sir I dont have much time but I still want to be a part of ur alfa traders community is it possible sir???

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