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It was just 10 in the morning and people of largest democracy has declared it their clear verdict.

It was not much difficult for most of us to predict that NDA may form government but BJP on its own making ~300 was definitely big thing. And if you would have asked a day ago i am sure none of us would have guessed. But hey why a political post that to also stale one. Well this was the biggest event for markets and by far much bigger for option traders. Though out the month of may implied volatility has been inching higher and india vix almost reached highest level since 2014. And trading in such high vol regime was not an easy specially when you have biggest event lined up and you know that post event a major swing may take place. 

Big day and big panel. Vishvesh was among countries top derivatives analyst on panel.

A day ago on 22nd May, we initiated Broken Wing Iron Condor/ Butterfly. And our analysis and data reading tuned out bang on. (Click on the video in left side, attached in form of tweet)

3 Leg Broken Wing Ironfly

A broken or missing wing iron butterfly or iron condor is basically short strangle with with protection on one side only.

Next Day Payoff
Expiry Payoff
PNL Table for next day
PNL for Expiry.

What happened today is history now, but the way we structured the option trade, we had no loss if market would have fall. In fact profit of 148 points and we completely no loss until 12050. Now most important thing that i have already highlighted in video above that, it was just one day to expiry and IV’s were over 90 infact it was something not going to sustain as soon as cat jumps out of big in form of numbers. And or trade turned out like charm. Expiry came at ~11657 and this trade has yielded 205 points in one day. I personally loved this for our accurate data reading and the way we structured it and held without any management. 

And this was not it, we initiated fantastic short trades on Nifty live during show today. And suggested 1:3 CE ratio when everyone on street was gaga about Nifty marching higher. Data had it and it was bit surprising while we were giving short but at times its safe to stand against crowd. And thats the best thing about good data reading.

Our followers loved it and we received many kind words from twitteraties.

And many more such tweet feedback and likes. We thank all of our followers for their kind words and love, its big motivation and at the same time keep us busy what we love doing. Data Analysis and Options Trading

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#Election2019 & Options #Trading
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