Options New Margin System

I have been #trading options for the last 14 years and teaching #OptionsTrading for the last six months. But have never felt so happy. I am a firm believer in risk defined framework and that’s what I have been teaching. Feels so amazing that yesterday itself, during our Delhi workshop I was trying so hard to convince our participants that learn #risk defined strategies, especially the way we do. Cause very soon we will have a better margin system. And today’s Sebi’s announcement on new margin is something we were waiting for very long. Much welcome and appreciated stance by regulators. And now people will understand the worth of options trading the way we do. Butterfly will be more beautiful 🙂 I am sure now even retail with smaller margin account would love to trade options like pros. Feels so great that what we have been teaching and believing will be appreciated even by those who do only one option trade (naked options buying) And no day could be better than today to announce our new webinar on Risk Defined Positions Options Trading. This is the first time we are going to conducting online education. Webinar Learn options trading to generate consistent alpha.

Finally thanks to all my participants who trusted me with their time and money. Guys “Apna time aa gaya”

Options New Margin System

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