Way of Life

A Trader way of Life

There is no alternative to waking up early. U are lot different people if u rise early.

Since the last many months, this is the place I have been working #HomeOffice Clear routine of getting up at 5 AM & start looking at world markets & positioning myself for the next trading day


If you are aiming to become anything (trader perse) the first thing you need is passion. Without passion, you will not be able to go far. You will soon run out of self-motivating fuel.


The second thing is the mindset, a clear mindset of a winner. There are enough people out there who will always try to show you all the negative side of life. And they will make you feel why can’t you do certain things in life. But the clarity of thoughts is utmost needed.

Next is the process, we can not be discipline unless we have a process. So a process of achieving your goal. No matter how absurd it may sound to your wife/ girlfriend. But Some craziness is required, a clear breakdown objective in the form of process to reach your next goal

Google “Anthony robbins goal setting”, most people have only one goal most of the time. While this gentleman will make you aware that there should be many goals

Health Goal, Spiritual Goal, etc Highly recommended

Then comes investment, I think its not always about money at first, but investment like using oppo phone and saving money to buy the high-end laptop. Many a time people troll me for not using the iPhone, while I want to but I saved that money to buy the best of the tech.

Investment in terms of reading, there can’t be any alternative other than reading. On average I read 2 books per month. Read your desired subject. Go crazy in pursuing what you want to become. And what better way to read by someone who might have already done it.

I remember in my first two years on the street I read almost 30 books. Buy a kindle, that would make you less distracted if you find difficult to catch hold of all the physical copies. Sharpen your saw. Must read 7 habits of highly effective people.

Invest in skills, you would be obsolete if you do not catch up with #trend. If you think age is a constraint then it’s just a mental block. Simple things like learning excel are one of the investments you could make in 2020.

Learn ML, DL, AI. Coding (personal suggestion)

Remove the mental barrier, It does not matter if you could not make it to II T/M. Consistency beats intelligence hands down in the long run. I have studied the whole of my life in Gujarati school. If you doubt you would attract negative energy. Believe and live

It’s Okay to fail. It’s Okay to lose money. Don’t curse yourself. But ensure that you don’t end up blowing your life savings. Cause that would be too much stress. In my experience, I have learned that failing is actually a way to know that you are trying. But learn from it.

Take a break, feel happy. As much as it may sound simple it’s not. The zeal to do best will always put pressure on you. Life is a journey and if you don’t enjoy you would not have long term energy. Take up a hobby other than your passion. It’s actually a good way to unwind.

Spend time with family. After bill gates became the richest person, he was asked what one thing u would like to change if you could go back in past & change. He said I wish I could spend more time with my family. Well, no money in the world can buy the love of your family

And lastly, be healthy. If you have all the money but you don’t have the health to enjoy its not worth. Have a routine that takes care of this modern lifestyle. If not the gym, try walking or cycling. Have #HealthGoal in 2020,

Mine is 10 KM cycling/day.

That’s it. A lot of people ask me how to become a trader, I think its way of life. If u are not disciplined in life you will have difficulty in markets too

Thanks for ur love and blessings. I know it was boring & long thread




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Way of Life

5 thoughts on “Way of Life

  1. Your article “Way Of Life” is really inspirational. It is a new year gift. I have read it atleast 2 times and send it with some editing( deleted by me-That’s it. A lot of people ask me how to become a trader, I think its way of life. If u are not disciplined in life you will have difficulty in markets too) my Son and daughter to read it and apply in their life.

    1. Thanks so much, It feels really great to know that you were able to relate this with your life.
      I agree next generation has lot of resources and they are much more prepared than past. But i think focus and discipline, two aspects are which they need to work. Thanks so much for sharing it with your children.

  2. sir I am from the commerce background and I want to learn the coding so any advice from where i will start , asking because my college had been over and want to do varieties of things.

  3. Way Of Life article is full of motivation and inspired me towards life and stock market.
    I am currently learning options trading in detail ,will sure plan to take your training once I will be ready..

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