We nurture you

We strongly believe in nurturing just like a small plant needs a care. We know that you as trader need hand holding. We are here to guide you and our community is not just for 2 days. Alpha Traders is a community of enthusiastic who are eager to grow and guide each other.

support platform

dedicated channels to topic

We know it takes lot more than 2 days for you to become successful trader. Our slack channel is dedicated to learning many trading strategies. Right from Directional trading to Four legs neutral stance, you may discuss it with a fellow trader.


Would it not be nice to tag fellow trader and ask your queries every time you are of thinking to putting a trade. Our trading community is the place where you can ask your next trade to each other.

whatsapp and email

And then there is always Whatsapp, Email and phone support. We would like to be an active participant on community but there is always something you can ask over other platforms. 

slack | community


We understand that it is not easy to go through 100's of messages even if you are eager to learn. We have dedicated channels where only relevant discussion happens and you may choose to participate at your leisure.

Fellow trader

There is nothing like getting notified of things you care and want to hear about. Slack gives you that feature to turn exclusive notification for channels you want to stay updated about.


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