Momentum Series | Intraday Buy Options


By Vishvesh Chauhan
Difficulty | Intermediate
Technical Analysis
April 05. 2020 | 04:00 PM | 2 Hours




This webinar will help you to trade with straddles on expiry in a very systematic way. All we need to stay in the market for the longer-term is preserve capital and generate consistency. This webinar can help you to generate that consistency by trading straddles.

The objective of the Webinar-

How can we use straddles to trade expiry?
How can we trade just by looking at premiums of options (straddle)?
How can we generate consistent returns with proper risk & money management?

What You Will Learn

Expiry trades with the use of straddles.
Read the market through option premium (straddles).
How to survive in the market & generate consistent returns.

Materials to be shared with participants

The presentation will be shared.

Momentum Series | Intraday Buy Options
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