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Frequently asked questions
  • Students, Traders, Brokers and Sub-Brokers, Arbitragers, Research Analysts
  • Those who already have job/business and want to generate second source of income from market.
  • Basic understanding of financial markets.
  • Knowledge of MS Excel highly desirable. 
  • Basic knowledge of options and futures.  
  • Training is aimed for any individual who wishes to learn basic to advance options strategies.
  • If you are not consistent profitable trader then our workshop can definitely show case strategies which may help you to understand what it takes to be a consistent profitable trader.
  • Basic concept remains same to any periodicity, while in case of neutral strategies it takes few days to weeks in order to turn in to profitable one.
  • We will showcase some day trading and some positional strategies
  • Our strategies are independent of time frame. You can equally use it for both positional and Intra-day. 
  • Based on our past experience we found, strategies tends to do much better given more time.  
  • Students, Traders, Brokers and Sub-Brokers, Arbitragers, Research Analysts
  • Those who already have job/business and want to generate second source of income from market.
  • At this stage our focus is on classroom workshops.
  • We would soon come out with exclusive webinar products.
  • For a group of 2 or more participants, 20,000 per participant (+18% GST)
  • If you are joining 3 weeks in advance then 21,500 per participant + 18% GST
  • In last three weeks, our regular fee is Rs. 25,000 per participant + 18% GST.
  • At this stage we do not have any part payment options.
  • Once you complete classroom training, no refund can be made.
  • We will have 3 hour online session for doubts where you can participate and get your doubts clear
  • Due to any unexpected personal reason if you are not able to attend workshop, you may opt to attend again at any other cities by prior intimation.
  • Until last week of workshop if you are cancelling we will refund your money after deducting any convenience charges (if any)
  • In last week if you are cancelling, we will deduct 20% and refund rest (our booking for hotel and other charges may be levied)
  • In case to case basis we allow someone else to attend on behalf of you as long as we can intimation in advance.
  • You will get support for one month on Telegram.
  • You can post queries in our Telegram group.
  • There after you can join our alpha trader community. 
  • We have dedicated channel on slack, there you be able to ask your queries post your charts, understand payoff and many more.
  • You can write us an email with your query.
  • You may call us on our support number during working hours. 
  • Mostly workshop will plan during weekends only, and you will have choice to book in advance. 
  • In case of other slot request please get in touch with our support. 
  • Right now we have simple tool in VBA which can do the task of analyzing complex position. 
  • And it is exclusive available to training participants free for personal use.
  • Neutral trading strategies around volatility trades may fetch 2-3% per month.
  • Though these trades not risk free and caries risk. 
  • Directional trade strategies may fetch 5-10% return per month provided you have ability to gauge underlying behavior and short term direction.
  • This kind of trades carries and requires good risk and trade management. 
  • We will show case directional and neutral strategies, these trades may or may not be limited to intra-day. 
  • There any many good tools available, and in essence they all carryout common task.
  • We will try to showcase how you may use any tool which may suit your need and preference.
  • Options can be done with as low as 1 lot, but since we will have minimum 2 legs we need at least 3 lac capital to get flavor of it.
  • 5-10 lac is decent capital for beginner to start applying strategies and understand how it works before committing more fund. 
  • Return is function of Risk, and if you have more capital you may take more risk (absolute amount) so your return may also be higher.
  • Options trading is serious business, so the more capital the better it is. 
  • We finalize venue at the last moment based on number of participants. You can expect exact venue details 2-3 days ahead of the workshop.
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