Trading is a lonely job, and at times your need different views and ideas how others are dealing with same problem. Alpha Trade Zone is Chase Alpha’s exclusive elite trader club where countries best trader share their experience and ideas. You can not only trade along with us but also learn how we manage our positions and come out alive.

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Our survey indicates 95% of our participants have made 4 times there cost

option buying

1-3 Lakhs Capital


Single session
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28th May

Our survey indicates 95% of our participants have made 4 times there cost

FeatureSingle Option Buying
DiscountNo Discount
# of Sessions1
Ideal forOptions Buyer
Minimum Capital1 Lac
Pre Market AnalysisYes
Live Screen SharingYes
Data AnalysisYes
Chart SetupYes
OI AnalysisYes
Queries During Live SessionYes

primary learnings

We will decide how aggresive or defensive we will be in the morning session. Identify key levels for the markets based on previous closing of Indian Markets, Impact of Global Markets and filtering morning news.
Our screen will show the charts with indicators, patterns and setups we are looking to trade.
We will do live commentary of Data we are reading to establish our biases for the trades.
OI Analysis will be done to identify strikes for trading. In option strategy session, we also identify strikes for tracking spreads and hedging our trades.
You can ask us queries which our team will TRY to answer. We won’t have discussion on cash stocks, so avoid asking any Qns on it.

Frequently asked questions

If you just want to do option buying 1lakh is good enough, and for option strategies, you need up to 3-4 lakhs.
This time we have two categories of the session. One is Options Buying Session where we would be only doing Index Options Buying. And during Options Strategies session we would be stocks and indices otions stragies (buying and selling both)
No Refund, But if due to genuine reason, you missed the Live Session, we would be able to accommodate you in our next session.

We do not record our Live Trading Sessions. Thus NO recording will be available.Β 

Check Detail FAQ in Link. FAQ

Alpha April participants

@Vishvesh03, @chaseAlpha_in Being part of this live trading webinar has been an eye-opener. The process right from pre-market, clarity of thoughts is mind-boggling and shows why only very few make money through trading. Awesome Vishvesh, keep doing great.
Superb day 2 of the online session. I applied the same today and it takes a bit to time to adjust to looking at the data analysis in realtime. But the stop at19800 with put writers holding and 20000 prices vs oi crossover in icharts added so much conviction to long trades today.
Attend 3rd Live Session, Great session, Any specific session for the writing of CE & PE, Prefer writing of covered calls like today trade of Dr. Reddy, yesterday Buy Reliance Sale Ce 1320 Earned + 1 Lacs in three sessions.
@Vishvesh03Sir, it was a wonderful live Trading session with you as always. Though a tough day for #option traders, but with your guidance,πŸ‘ we all booked handsome profitπŸ™πŸ™ I booked 61k it's 9k less than last time but still, I am happy 😊😊 So keep Teaching us God bless πŸ™πŸ™
Did a live trading session with sir u explained too good learned many things n even came to know from where u should read data n understand it For which I use to always keep on asking others ill join all the sessions from now I made money today on small capital profit 40
Excellent live trading day by the peerless @Vishvesh03! He caught a 1000 point up move on BN right at the beginning Nd man what. Trade that was! The second half starting 1:30 was just as fabulous. A short strangle with fabulous adjustment to scalp all the risk with put purchase when the markets had a small down move. Hats off @Vishvesh03! It was one hell of a learning experience!