Trading Live with everyone

The goal of a successful trader is to make the best trades, money is SECONDARY.

After continuous requests from everyone all around, I had finally decided to have a live expiry trading webinar. It was something which I didn’t venture before but then I finally made up my mind. From the morning we were confident that the market would move up wildly so we ended up buying as the experts say “EXPENSIVE” Nifty and Banknifty calls and we together rode the big rally. I used the capital of ₹2 Lakhs only and as you see made a 50% return in just 2 trades flat. Almost all of our participants recovered 10 times their investments. I’m enclosing their feedbacks below.

A lot of our participants were baffled by our confidence when we said that the market would give a pullback when the market was super strong, all I saw was a simple negative divergence. To learn about that and the other simple strategies I’ve devised a scheme for our all wherein you can use our code LIVE26 to avail 26% discount on our full package.

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Trading Live with everyone

4 thoughts on “Trading Live with everyone

  1. Sir,
    Does live webinar differ in content to what is there in the momentum webinars? I wish to learn more on options trading strategies.

  2. Awesome trades Vishvesh Bhai.. I am fully convinced and confident now… I have never seen anyone sharing their own own trades but you do.. that gives us super confidence..

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