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I have traded 2006, 2008, 2009 and 2016 market crashes but believe me this crash by far takes the top position for the speed and intensity of the fall. Just imagine there was a time when we were trading with a VIX of 73. Such a market, such a fall is witnessed by a trader maybe only once or twice in his lifetime. I have been getting constant requests for a live trading session from my past participants also from my Telegram and Twitter followers so I thought why shouldn’t I have a live trading session during the monthly expiry that is the 26th of March 2020. So come join as we all live this historic day together.

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Live Trading Webinar

19 thoughts on “Live Trading Webinar

  1. Payment done but it is showing pending. What should I do?
    Ur customer service number is switched off. Plz help

  2. Hello Sir,
    My name is Avinash Dokhale. I had registered and payed for the online expiry live trading session on 26th March 2020. But I haven’t received any link or email to join the session tomorrow.
    So can you please look into it and send the joining link please

    1. Sir, you receive an email from our side latest by 11 PM
      Besides under your chase alpha my account you will get a link around 11 PM which you can use to join the webinar.

  3. Vishesh Sir,
    Sir once we purchase it can we watch it again once webinar time is over. Means does we have one time access to watch live or can watch again with some user id and password.

  4. Sir I haven’t received any link or mail from your end still now except the payment acknowledgement mail.

  5. Sir I missed today’s opportunity. When will be your next trading webinar please add me that group also.

  6. Hi Vishvesh,

    Hope you are doing well! I am interested in your live webinar trading. Could you please share us your next live trading?

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